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Hello all family and friends of Drew Glackin. Welcome to the NEW Guestbook. The original had to be closed due to unfortunate SPAM activity, but you can still view the Guestbook Archive. Or share a new thought with us here by posting a comment.

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  1. Administrator says:

    All set to go… let’s get posting.

  2. Pete Veru says:

    Many thanks to Ken Siegert for solving this problem. We had a great time playing both the New York and the Hartford tribute shows. The Hartford show brought back a flood of memories. Mr. Right, The Commuters and the Monster Band headlined an amazing night. For Feathermerchants, it was our last show and it just seemed appropriate that our journey ended in tribute of a guy who was there in the beginning. There is YouTube footage of the whole night. There is one more tribute concert coming up in Phillipsburg, NJ where Drew grew up.
    Thank you all for being a part of this.

  3. Dan Generous says:

    Thank you for getting the guestbook back up and running. I know there are many friends of Drew like myself who stop by this site often.

    Yes Pete, Drewfest in Hartford was a special night. So many old faces, I felt like it was twenty years ago at 36 Lewis Street. All the acts were top notch. A big tip of the hat to the Commuters whose set was so much fun you could practically feel Drew smiling

  4. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    Thanks so much to Ken for getting the guestbook up and running again. I would often visit the site and would be bummed to find I couldn’t read more about Drew. Again, thanks Ken.

    The Hartford Tribute was totally AMAZING! To see the bands that Drew played with 20 something years ago along with his more recent bands made for an incredible night. At the end of the evening when Drew sang as The Monster Band played on stage was like something I can not even describe. It was both emotional and beautiful and of course memorable. Earlier in the evening our family was honored by accepting Drew’s Univeristy of Hartford, Hartt School of Music diploma posthumously. Drew’s dear friend, Pete Veru, made this happen. He wanted to do something special for our mom and he felt her having his college degree would be very special. It just saddens me that my mom was not able to be there to accept it from Pete herself. Due to some medical issues this wa not possible. Pete, you are amazing.

    An old high school friend of Drew’s is in the process of putting together a tribute locally. He has been working tirelessly in order to pull it off. The event will take place on Sunday, September 21 in Easton, Pa. Visit for all of the particulars.

    Our family continues to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we received and continue to receive from friends and acquaintances of Drew’s. My mom and I were talking just recently and she asked, “How do we thank all of these people?” We have been asking that question for months and all we can offer is our heartfelt and sincere Thanks. You all hold VERY special places in our hearts.

  5. I have not been by this site in a while. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Hartford show and meeting many of Drew’s friends and family. It was the first chance I had to celebrate Drew’s Life at one of the tributes.

    I remember Drew often, as I listen to the Silos or watch their DVD. He sure has left us a lot of great music to remember him by. So glad I had the chance to know him.

  6. Mishell says:

    Maybe this will be on twice now because the weird punctuation after “add” messed me up. But, anyway, I posted this on myspace last January, but never put it anywhere else. But it’s still true and I still miss him. And he is one of the only people to ever shorten my name and have me still love him:

    He called me Shel. Like Silverstein, except without the talent. Dropped the second “l” and I’ll never know why. Not that I cared. Because when Drew looked at you and smiled, his whole face lit up and it was like he had been waiting all day to see you (he was like this for everyone; it had nothing to do with me). So, he could shorten my name and make it sound like both an endearment and an invitation to go make mischief.

    It was horrible to see his family grieve, and to know that a mother was burying one of her beloved children. But it was also amazing to see the sheer number of people who loved him. I’ve never seen a line that long at a viewing that wasn’t for, say, Justice Blackmun. An extraordinary ordinary person of tremendous talent and heart. I loved him, and so did all those other people. And I miss him and will keep missing him, but I’m not taking his picture off my fridge (from that long ago southby when I was too stupid to figure out the panoramic thing on my camera, so there we are – Noelle, Drew, Me – in panorama like we’re a gorgeous view; when he was still really healthy and he has that look, like, ok, let’s make something happen and cause some trouble, but only the good kind), even if it makes me sad sometimes, because, like the picture of Lisa, it will hopefully help me remember to enjoy life and cherish the people like Lisa and Drew.

    Somewhere, there’s a hell of a party going on, and Drew’s providing the bass line. Maybe Lisa’s dancing there, too.

  7. jack grace says:

    i wanna hang out with drew!!!!!!

  8. aimee delaney says:

    almost a year…

  9. Tilty Mel says:

    Remembering you still on the first anniversary of your passing. Your big heart still takes up space on the Earth.

    We miss you!
    Melissa Seibold
    Nevada City, CA

  10. Geoffrey Brown says:

    God, I can’t believe it’s been a year since Drew passed. This website has been such a source of comfort and healing.

    Thanks to everyone who joined us in making the Hartford tribute show possible. What an extraordinary gathering it turned out to be! It was profoundly humbling to reconnect with so many talented people from those early Hartford years—a truly magical, memorable and inspiring time for all of us. I can’t imagine a better way to remember Drew than to witness so many of the different musical chapters of his life, all in one room, on one very special day. What a uniquely versatile artist he was. I will always cherish the time I spent with him in The Monster Band.

    I see that Drew’s mom & sister have asked how their family could ever thank everyone for all the support over the past year. I would say,
    You don’t have to, you gave us Drew!

    On this sad anniversary he is in my thoughts and prayers, but the memory of him brings me nothing but smiles and a deep feeling of gratitude for having shared a part of my life with him.
    I miss you, Drew!

    Geoffrey Brown
    Farmington, CT

  11. Eileen says:

    Remembering you on your brithday and always with love,

  12. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    My dearest brother~
    Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you or about something you have done. You didn’t get to spend enough years with us but we are happy we had you for the time we did. Things like holidays and birthdays intensify the sadness. We miss you so much!
    Monica, Matt, Matthew and Maggie-Jo

  13. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    Wow! I can’t even believe it has been 2 years since Drew passed away. For those who say it gets easier with time–it hasn’t for our family. We miss him so much as do many others. We are thankful that we had him for the time we did but wish he was still here with us! Drew, WE LOVE YOU!

  14. E.L. says:

    Thinking of Drew and the Glackin family on the day after the second anniversary …with love and prayers, Eileen

  15. linda says:

    i needed me a little droopy and came looking for this site. glad it’s back/still here; it is still a goldmine of comfort now, as it was 2 years ago. i often think of drew and always smile when i do,…even with the tears welling up and lump in throat, the smile comes through for drew. he generously brought love and mischief and music to us, and i, like you, feel lucky to have known him. it feels tooooo long since i’ve seen him, though! thank you for sharing your memories of him: it helps. and to his family, thank you for sharing drew with all of us. still thinking of you.
    with love,

  16. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    Happy Birthday my dear brother!

  17. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    Rough times leave me thinking about you even more–you are who I would call to talk to. Wish I still could! I think about you constantly and wish you were here.

    Love always~
    Your sis

  18. Pete Veru says:

    THree years ago today Droopy. Doesn’t seem possible.

  19. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    I still can’t believe that three years have passed since that awful illness that took you away from us. You had so much to offer this world both in music and friendship. I am happy to have wonderful memories of you and your infectious smile to keep me going.
    I love and miss you~

  20. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    Happy Birthday dear Brother!

  21. Eileen says:

    With loving thoughts of you and prayers for your family on your Birthday. Love you always. xo Ei

  22. jeff csisek says:

    just thinking about Drew, came here to see who else has been here lately.
    Miss ya

  23. linda says:

    missin drew, still.

  24. Geoffrey Brown says:

    New Year’s Eve approaching 2012. Always thinking of Drew at this time of year.
    Still miss you…

  25. Monica Zeeman says:

    Always on my mind and in my heart.
    I can’t believe it has been 4 years.
    Wish you were here to see al the kids.
    You would be so proud of all of them.
    They miss you dearly as do the rest of us.

    Hugs and Kisses to you my dear brother!
    Love you~Monica

  26. Eileen says:

    Thinking of you with love and sadness.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  27. jill anderson says:

    on my mind tonight in connecticut…

  28. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    You have been on my mind. Love and miss you.

  29. Monica Zeeman says:

    We think about you often but especially today on your birthday.
    Love and miss you~
    Monica, Matt, Matthew and Maggie-Jo

  30. Geoffrey Brown says:

    Another year is upon us and Drew is still on our minds. Ramon Morant and myself just reflecting on Drew’s legacy. Beautiful memories.

  31. Monica Glackin Zeeman says:

    “If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.” Unkown quote

    Wow, if it was so easy! Another year has passed since your unexpected death.
    At times I still don’t believe it.

    Always loved and missed.

  32. Linda says:

    I miss you, Drew!

    You were the best, and are unforgettable.

  33. Dan Generous says:

    Thinking of you today buddy.

  34. Monica Zeeman says:

    I am guessing you were there on Saturday with wide open arms–your mom has missed you so much–she wanted and needed to be there with you.

  35. Linda says:

    peace, joy, and condolences to the Glackin family. thinking of you.

  36. Monica says:

    Drew, we miss you!
    I just wanted to take a minute, on your birthday, to let you know we continue to think about, love and miss you!

    Wow, if you could see these monsters you called your nieces and nephews.
    The youngest of the 8 of them is now 15.
    I’m so sorry they didn’t get to spend time with you at this stage of their lives. I could only imagine what fun you would have with them.

    You are always in my thoughts!
    I miss you!

  37. Monica says:


    Miss you more than words can say.
    Life has changed so much since you and mom have been gone.
    I’m sure you gave Aunt Dot lots of love when she joined you.

    My life is lonely without you guys.
    The kids aren’t really kids any more.
    You would be so proud of them as they always were of you.
    Always with me~
    Love, Monica

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